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Laoghaire asks who Brianna is, and she proudly proclaims herself Jamie’s daughter

Laoghaire asks who Brianna is, and she proudly proclaims herself Jamie's daughter Ian confirms that Jamie never did, and neither did the rest of the family Jenny Murray immediately recognizes Brianna as Jamie's daughter, but before she can welcome her niece, they're interrupted by an indignant Laoghaire MacKenzie who came there when she heard about a rider resembling Jamie Fraser sighted in the district. Laoghaire asks who Bree's mother is and Bree says his wife, and Laoghaire asks which wife. As they walk through the hall, Brianna first looks at the painting of a young Jamie with his older brother William and then is shocked to see Ellen's portrait Amid the turmoil, Young Jamie leads a shocked Brianna to the parlor where she meets her uncle Ian Murray who welcomes her. Read More

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